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GANGgajang Way

BUNDABERG property developer Bill Moorhead says he'll deliver on his promise to bring Australian pop rock band Ganggajang back to the sugar city. The promise came as Mr Moorhead applied to the Bundaberg Regional Council to name a street in his Paddington Grove, Kalkie, development after the band when he realised their song Sounds of Then (This is Australia) was written about Bundaberg.

Mr Moorhead said if the name, Ganggajang Way was approved - and it now has been - he'd get the band to perform at the opening of the now-in-construction estate. "I like Ganggajang and I like the song too but when I bought the property I didn't realise that the song was written there," Mr Moorhead said.

"That was all just a bit of a happy coincidence after the event." But Mr Moorhead's plans weren't initially well received when he applied for the street name to former Bundaberg City Council . "A little bit of history, the old council knocked it back," Mr Moorhead said.

"So we let a few years go by and this council (Bundaberg Regional Council) came in that's a bit more enlightened. They've now agreed to Ganggajang Way as the main road to the rest of the development." Mr Moorhead said he had checked in with Ganggajang and got their permission before applying to use the name and had now told them the street name was approved. The boys are really excited about it and happy," he said.

Mr Moorhead said the tribute to Ganggajang wouldn't stop there. "In the future stages, all the other roads in Paddington Grove will be named after the band members we hope. The council haven't approved that yet but I hope they will," he said. "So there will be a Callaghan Ct and they'll all get recognised."

Ganggjang frontman Mark Callaghan couldn't believe it but said he was flattered. "Is there really? I had suggested that as a joke," he said. "I find the whole thing absolutely wonderful; it's gorgeous and just a little bit hilarious really."

"The plan is for them to come up and perform the" Sounds Of Then" and cut the ribbon to open it (the new estate)," he said. GANGgajang will be perfoming at The Sugarland Tavern, Bundaberg on Saturday 31st Oct.


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Friday 30th Oct -
 Villa Noosa Hotel



Saturday 31st Oct-
Sugarland Tavern, Bundaberg
Saturday 7th Nov -
Canberra - Mix 106.3 Live - Royal Theatre
Sunday 8th Novr -
Lizottes Newcastle - NSW










GANGgajang at iTunes


GANGgajang at iTunes