Vocals and Bass



Note: The first thing to establish is I'm not Chris Bailey from the "Saints"




Born Adelaide, South Australia......Gemini or Tiger or whatever.

Became bass player at age 15 with various Adelaide bands, notably,

Red Angel Panic






First ever school band "Tattered Soul".

(I am far right with Freddy Frolich on vox, Rob Tillet on guiatr, James Ashby on guitar, drummer is Bob someone.)

Hosted alternative music'n arts TV show called Solid Air for a season on ABC in 1975

....Big Star.

Also washed a lot of dishes for a living.

Into bikes and surfing big time - rode a Harley sportster and an 8'6" Dale single stringer.



Joined Australian Hard Rock legends

The Angels


Moved to Sydney to live and for the next six years played on 5 albums

(The Angels, Face To Face, No Exit, Darkroom, Night Attack)....

3 tours of America. 2 tours of Europe...countless tours of Oz.......We toured all the time!

Split with The Angels in 1982 and spent the next two years in the wilderness playing everything from jazz to country to funk to easy listening, and with so many different people

it would take a computer to list them all...



In 1983 started working with Buzz and Cal on some songs for a TV show and this led to the formation of



The rest, as we say, is history...


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