Graham "Buzz" Bidstrup

Vocals, drums, production, keyboards, guitar, engineering and management.


Born in Adelaide, South Australia on 30th August, Buzz played drums in his school band when he was ten and learned some piano and taught himself some basic guitar at the age of twelve.

By the age of fourteen he was playing drums semi-professionally in and around Adelaide.

Buzz continued drumming for all of his teenage years and into his early twenties when he completed his tertiary studies in Mechanical Engineering at the Adelaide University of Technology.

By the time he left Adelaide in the early seventies to live in England, he was a well respected session musician and writer and spent most of his time away traveling through Europe and North Africa occasionally playing drums and guitar on a free-lance basis while soaking up the atmosphere, returning to Australia in mid 1976. 


 Age 13

Just beginning to learn a few chords on the guitar. I still only know a few chords, but play them a lot better !!!


 I'd just turned 15 and joined a new band called  Fahrenheit 451.

The TV show was "In Time" on Channel 10 Adelaide.



Where were you in 1972?

Taken at a 5KA beach concert at Semaphore Adelaide.


Played drums and recorded first four albums with the Angels a.k.a Angel City (3 platinum albums).

Co-wrote/produced No Secrets

(Top 5 Aust, top10 Portland, Seattle USA and Canada).

Toured the USA and Europe several times with the band.


Worked with composer Cameron Allen, producing feature film and documentary sound tracks, playing guitar, drums and keyboard as well as programming synthesizers and assisting with engineering.
Did numerous sessions as drummer/guitarists/keyboard player and drum/synth computer singles and four albums for young Australian bands.

Composer/Music Director for film Greetings from Wollongong (Steel City Pictures)



Continued session work and was Associate Music Director for ABC TV series Sweet and Sour series as well as producing 10 other songs.

Also played drums and keyboards on the soundtrack album (platinum).

Founding member of  The Party Boys, toured Australia and recorded three albums (gold).



Founding member of GANGgajang co-wrote and produced self titled debut album.

Music director for Quicksilver movie Mad Wax. Wrote and produced and played drums/keyboard/guitar on soundtrack.



Gathered together 15 like minded musicians to produce, engineer and co-wrote country music album called The Stetsons. (Mercury Records) There's A Train In My Head from the album was used in the film Crocodile Dundee II.

Music director for feature film Tender Hooks, (True-Vu Pictures). Wrote and performed incidental music. Engineered and produced soundtrack.



Produced three albums for Dave Steel. (East West/Warner Brothers).

Played live show with GANGgajang as well as co-managing the band. Much session work as keyboard and drummer.




From the same beach concert in


Stetson's Hat by Martin Plaza



Angels '79

Possibly the best ever photo taken of the original Angels.

Note Chris Bailey with a mouthful of cotton wool !!! in his role as a thug.



Spent most of the time touring with Jimmy Barnes as drummer, including live recordings and video of Soul Deep Concerts.

More GANGgajang shows and session work.


Recorded and produced debut album for Nathan Cavaleri.

Session work with Jimmy Barnes including sound engineering at his home studio and performing on the TV special Flesh and Wood.


Co-wrote, recorded and co-produced a new album Lingo for GANGgajang. (rooART)

Produced album for S.A.M.I.A. winner Robyn Habel (Larikin) and debut album for Sydney Youthrock winners Exploding Daisies.


Produced duet for legendary country singer Smoky Dawson with Jimmy Barnes as part of Smoky's tribute album, Ridin' All Over Again.

Spent a years leave of absence from GANGgajang in 1995 and co-managed Nathan Cavaleri.

Produced a new CD with The Stetsons called The Stetsons 97 The album featured some of Australia's best country musicians and former Doobie Brother Jeff Skunk Baxter.


Produced debut album and managed singer / songwriter Diana Ahnaid.

Has managed singer Jimmy Little since the release of The Messenger and plays in Jimmy's live band.

Also managed Robert James' solo project.



Driving the TG12345mk3

My dear mixing desk originally from EMI studios Sydney, that I used on so many records.

But as with all good things, our relationship came to an end when I sold it to Noel Gallagher from Oasis.
Thank you Noel.


Jimmy Little - The Messenger 



including Kayellen Bee being wined and dined by

Bob and Hazel Hawke

who were quite well known at the time.


1999 - Present

In 1999 Buzz began a new chapter of his career as manager and music director for iconic Australian Indigenous entertainer Dr Jimmy Little AO. Buzz guided Jimmys’ career for the next 12 years until Jimmy’s sad passing in April 2012. Besides managing his music and business affairs, Buzz co produced Jimmy's ABC album “Down the Road” and also organised tours to USA, Europe and Singapore for Jimmy to appear at WOMAD Festivals

Following Jimmy's long battle with kidney disease and associated medical issues Jimmy retired from touring but the Jimmy Little Foundation was established by him to help other Indigenous Australians battling similar chronic diseases. Buzz has been the CEO of The Jimmy Little Foundation since its inception in 2004, working for better health for Indigenous Australians and Buzz is also the Managing Director of Uncle Jimmy Thumbs up! Ltd the NFP organisation that uses music and new media to deliver nutrition and healthy lifestyle programs to indigenous children in over 50 communities throughout QLD, NT, WA, SA and NSW.

Although his workload for the Foundation and Thumbs up! keeps him very busy, Buzz continues to be well connected with the music business that has been his life for nearly 40 years. He still finds time to write and produce music. He is currently co writing and producing an album for young country artist Adam James and still does the odd studio session.   Buzz has been a board member of the Australian Association of Artist Managers for the past two years and continues to mentor young managers through several programs run within the AAM.